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There are reasons why the Lun Wah Restaurant has been in business since 1974. Those reasons become quite apparent almost immediately upon entering the restaurant. You forget, for a moment, you're in Roselle, NJ and are quickly taken away to the scenic atmosphere of the beautiful Polynesian Islands. The Hawaiian feel and tone is captured perfectly by the Lun Wah's decor, consisting of real bamboo which layers the walls, lovely pictures of the Islands, and a beautiful natural rock running waterfall in which water falls into a fish pond with real fish. There is a bamboo bar with hanging colored blowfish lamps, which serves the best drinks in town, waiters greet you donning colorful Hawaiian shirts and the final touch- the restaurant's lighting, which is dimly lit creating the ambience and setting of an evening in Polynesian paradise. There's plenty of seating in the center of the dining areas for parties and family outings, or if you choose, there are alcoves of bamboo covered booths creating a more intimate dining experience.

The service is first rate as each waiter makes you feel he is only too happy to tend to all of your dining needs. When you return ( and you will ) you are welcomed back as a friend as well as served with continued commitment and a desire to please. The food is something to experience. A great combination of authentic Chinese and Polynesian dishes to choose from ( each more delicious than the next ) made from only the finest quality in preparation. From our soups to our pu pu platters to our entrees, the portions are large only to be outdone by their taste. When you are here, you must also treat yourself to one of our famous Polynesian drinks-you'll swear you are on vacation. Whether you are sharing a "volcano" or sipping on our "Coco Loco Punch" you will be glad you came.The Lun Wah restaurant will be your choice for fantastic Chinese and Polynesian food as well as a great night out!
                                                                                                                                               Written by Rosana Brasselle